Fashion Information For Women

Fashion changes constantly and women are keen to stay up-to-date with the latest in trend. Not all clothes suit every woman. The attire has to be selected based on the physique, skin tone, occasion, the flavor of the season and more. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right outfit.

Understand your body
Do not jump at an outfit just because it is in vogue. It is important to understand your body shape before choosing a dress.

Short frame women
Small frame women should stay away from bold prints and chunky clothes. They look glamorous in the soft shade and supple fabric. The best that suits them is tight fitted clothes. It is advised keep to streamlined clothes that do not cut the body into two half. It can help them look taller and appealing.

Voluptuous women
Bulky women can opt for shorter and colorful skirts. They can also opt for trousers. Using bright colors, strong textures and prints can take the focus away from the first half of their body. Single block color can make them look thinner. Ensure not to wear attractive tops, move to longer jackets to look thinner. Busty women can also opt for dark colored, waist-hugging and loose fitting tops.

Tallish women
Fashion Information For Women1Women who are tall and slender legs have to avoid tight fitting clothes. They should maintain the right knee length. Wearing a blouse over the trousers can make them look shorter. Tall women have a streamlined body, so it is important to choose the right clothes to match their body.

Orotund shaped women
Select V-necks and side-slit skirts to look chic. Use A-line skirt that rests just below the knee. Using dark colored tights with colorful patterns on the shoes is admirable. The top should be lower than the hops. Light colored tops away from the hips could be an added advantage.

Rectangular women
Knit sweater are apt for rectangular women. They should wear a round neckline and a scarf around their neck.

Personality dressing
Feminine accessories can go well with all types of women. Urban women prefer high street fashion clothes yet down to earth. Sports personalities always prefer trendy and casual outfit. Arty women always prefer spicy outfits that are contemporary. Sensual fabrics are apt for those with curvy personality. Retro Chic always has an eye for great accessories and prefer classic outfit. Romantic personalities move in for classic cuts and soft colors with lace and embroidery.

Fashion Information For Women2Spice it up with accessories
Accessories can make or break your outfit. Choosing the right accessory is the success of your personality. Necklaces can add a splash of aura to your dressing. The V-shaped necklace can move the eyes down. Fill your neckline with round necklaces. If you want to showcase an elongated neck opt for long earrings. Choose a hat to match your outfit. Also, use a trailing belt to show your legs elongated. Rings are fun to have and can add a sparkle. Use a scarf to look classy.

Makeup matters
Do up your eye with eye shadows, liner, and some kajal. Pink lipstick can make you look feminine. Natural color lipstick can add character to your face. Bold eyes and pale lips are in vogue.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAADcAAAAJGI3MjdlNmExLThlNWItNGNmNS1hOWM2LTI2OTJhNGRhYmIxNAThere are thousands of articles addressing the importance of small talk, manners and all the other factors that men worry about when going on a first date but relatively few that focus on what to wear. If you are about to meet a lady for the very first time and you want to make a great first impression, I would seriously consider having a suit and shirt tailor made for you. I have had several made for me in Exeter and I highly recommend trying it for yourself.

 What Tailors in Exeter Can Do for Your Love Life

 A great fitting suit is not going to turn you into a modern day Lothario with women falling at your feet in droves but it could make a huge difference to the way you look and feel on first dates.

  1.  Self-Confidence– From personal experience, I can tell you that wearing a suit that was especially cut to follow and flatter the contours of your body gives you a real boost in the self-confidence stakes. When you know that the clothes you are wearing have been designed to make you look your very best, you exude the kind of confident aura that many women find irresistible.
  2.  Fit & Style– Choosing an off-the-peg suit can be a bit like entering a lottery as some of them may fit quite well whereas others, even though they are ostensibly made to fit your body type, are very unflattering: tight where you don’t want them to be and loose in all the wrong places. A tailored suit, on the other hand, will ensure that you look stylish wherever you go. When going on a first date, looking stylish is obviously a major plus.
  3.  Image– When somebody wears a tailor made suit, it affects the way that others perceive them. Whether you are hugely successful or living from month to month on a barely adequate salary, bespoke clothing can help you to project an image of success that others are drawn to without even knowing why.

 Find the right tailors in Exeter and you could revolutionise your love life by creating a more stylish, successful and self-confident version of yourself. If you can afford it, it is well worth investing in a few tailored shirts as well as a suit, to complete your new look. Cultivating a new look made a big difference to my life and I hope it can do the same for you.

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